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The Reflection Garden at Rose Hill

Panoramic view of the Reflection Garden at Rose Hill

We are excited to announce the newest addition to Rose Hill Cemetery of Hagerstown, the Reflection Garden at Rose Hill, which features our new Cremation Garden and Columbaria. It is located in a peaceful, easy to access area of the cemetery. It is a beautiful setting to reflect on the lives of your loved ones. We welcome you to meander along the walkways around our columbaria and enjoy the view of the mature trees, water features, butterfly garden and stunning gazebo.

Current Cremation Solutions


Reflection Garden Promenade

Our granite columbarium meets the needs of many of today’s families who are planning for cremation and are looking for an economical, land conserving, green choice for their final resting place.

Located in a peaceful, easy to access area of the cemetery, visitors always find the tranquility needed for reflection.

Columbarium niches are large enough to hold two urns and our niche package includes all necessary equipment, inurnment services and at-need engravings.

Advantages of our Hagerstown Columbarium

  • Space for TWO urns
  • NO monument to buy, this saves you money
  • Simple environmentally friendly (GREEN) choice
  • Clean and modern landscaped area
  • Opening and closing of the niche and complimentary tent/chair service is only $400.00 per opening.

cremation bench columbarium colubmaria hagerstown marylandAdditional Options for Inurnment of Cremains

  • Many people choose to place their loved ones urn in a specially designed bench that serves as their final resting place. Cremation benches placed in a tranquil place offer a peaceful place to reflect on the life of a person no longer with us.
  •  Personal cremation estates are often chosen when individuals would like their own personal columbaria just for their family.
  •  In Ground cremation solutions are also available at Rose Hill Cemetery.


Private Estate

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