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Simply enter your loved one’s name and a map will appear showing you how to navigate to their gravesite. Please note that we are still entering data so if your loved one doesn’t appear, continue to use our original search program below this map.

Genealogy Research Resources

Genealogy research is done for many different reasons but whether you are trying to find a distant relative or just want a better understanding of the lives that combined to make you who you are today most people along their genealogical journey find themselves researching at their local cemetery.

Free Printable Tree Compliments of Family History Daily

That’s why we have developed a genealogy search engine that not only lists the names of the nearly 42,000 people buried at Rose Hill Cemetery but also lists their birth date, death date, burial date and burial location when available so you can find a grave of a loved one or ancestor buried here in Hagerstown.

As Hagerstown, Maryland’s largest and oldest public cemetery we have been supporting families in our community for nearly 150 years and by offering this service we can now help with genealogy searches and finding graves in a brand new way.

If you need help finding your relatives, please call the office first at 301.364.0936  or email us at If you provide us the name(s) we can have the maps ready for you when you come in or we can email them to you so you don’t have to wait for us to research the information and can find the grave yourself.

Additional local genealogical and historical resources:

  1. kinship Family Heritage Research Center – kinship is a valuable family history destination offered by the Washington County Historical Society. kinship’s collection of local, regional and national resources includes a wide selection of family history files, city directories, and church and cemetery records, to name a few.
  2. Western Maryland Room – located in the Washington County Free Library, the Western Maryland Room contains extensive genealogy resources for Washington County including online databases and published materials.
  3. Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau
  4. Washington County Free Library
  5. Washington County Historical Society
  6. Local Historical Points of Interest
  7. Find-a-Grave – a link to Rose Hill Cemetery’s information