Perpetual Care

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Ongoing Care of the Property

By definition, perpetual care refers to the ongoing general care of the grounds of a cemetery.

We believe perpetual care is actually a promise to you that your cemetery property will always be well maintained, peaceful and beautiful, up to the highest standards.

Our tenured operations team at Rose Hill Cemetery here in Hagerstown has the highest regard for what our cemetery represents, your final resting place and the location you and your loved ones visit to honor the memory of past generations. Because we are a non-profit organization, financing for the perpetual care costs of Hagerstown’s cemetery comes from the proceeds of our sales. When you buy a lot, pay for the opening and closing costs or other products and services sold by the cemetery your money stays here. The proceeds are deposited in a special fund and are managed by our board of trustees.

With over 150 years of responsible cemetery care and management you can feel reassured that Rose Hill Cemetery will be maintained for many generations to come.